The dynamism of Timney Fowler has created stunningly unique designs which draw inspiration from classical history, mythology, rococo themes, and 15th century portraits among other diverse sources.

The company is one of the few whose designs transition seamlessly from interiors to clothing.

Timney Fowler’s fabric and wallpaper collections range from their iconic black & white neo classical designs, inspired by the 18th century Venetian architect Piranesi, to heraldic imagery, cityscapes and colourful geometric prints, as well as the ever popular black & white stripes.

Truly eclectic collections, characterized by a sense of wit, romanticism and the surreal.  Whether you are a modernist or traditionalist dress your room or yourself in a striking Timney Fowler cotton, voile or velvet print.

Established in the 1980s, Timney Fowler is relaunching this year with new designs by Sue Timney, whose passion for strong graphic imagery is legendary.

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LT123 is a full-service provider of high-quality language learning and assessment, and a trusted partner of leading publishers, exam boards and universities.

Through their ArtsLink sponsorship program they actively support and showcase Cambridge-based arts organisations and artists, including Cambridge Arts Theatre, Cambridge Music Festival and Williams Art.

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